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Networking devices are used for creating computer network which links one computer system to another. The internet was created as a result of networking which is a vast collection of several computer networks that is used in sending and receiving data and information. Since the internet evolved, there are several networking devices and security measures that should be put in place to avoid being hacked. The internet grows unsafe with each passing day hence the need for security devices to help protect you on the web. Also, there are networking devices available on Jumia that can help boost network signals. Networking devices vary from different types and models. There are several networking devices such as routers, switches, hubs, networking cables are also known as LAN cables, modems and more.

Shopping for the Perfect Networking Devices

Amongst the major factors to consider are signal strength, speed, and security. These 3 major factors play a big role when it comes to networking and which devices you should go for.
Modem: This is known modulation-demodulation. It is a computer hardware device that helps transmit data (modulation) and also receive data (demodulation) from another computer system. It helps connect a computer system to the internet.

Routers: These are networking devices used for extending networks by forwarding packets from one logical network to another. Imagine the internet to be a traffic of several systems sending data and information to another, the routers help direct these data and information to the right MAC addresses it is intended for.

Switches: These are also known as switching hubs but they are smarter than the normal hubs. They help connect two or more computer systems together on a computer network by using packet switching to forward, process and receive data to the targeted destination. Better than hubs, switches can actually determine the exact address a data is to be sent, unlike the hub that can’t.

Where to Buy Networking and Security Devices in Kenya

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