Enjoy shopping on Jumia with our easy return and refund policy

7-Day Return

You have 7 days to
make a return
request after
your order has
been delivered.

Easy and Free Return

ZERO fees if you
return an item.

Full Refund

You will receive 100%
refund for your item plus
shipping fees, if there
is any problem with the
item and also change of mind
in specific conditions
(see "What can I return?").

Jumia Guarantee

3 months Quality
Assurance on all
electronics. 100% on
genuine and original
products."What is Jumia Guarantee"

How does our return policy work?

Initiate a Return

Return via contact form
or call us. If you have
any questions.

Drop-off your Item
or Schedule a Pick-up

Return at our pickup stations
or we can pickup from
you (door delivery orders only).

Return the item

Place the item in its original packaging,
including any accessories, tags, labels
or freebies. Always ensure your
invoice is signed by our
agents. That is your proof of return.

Refund Processed

Once we receive your
returned item, we will
inspect it and process
your refund via voucher
m-pesa or bank transfer.
See our timelines here.