A refrigerator in your house is an important kitchen appliance. Helps store food for a very long time without getting spoilt and are energy efficient. At Jumia Kenya, we offer a wide variety of refrigerators with the latest technology. Whether you have a small family or a bigger family, we have different refrigerator styles for your needs from top freezer and bottom freezers refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, four door refrigerators and compact refrigerator. Find our expert advice on how to choose the best refrigerator for the best value.

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Finding the Right Size

  • Refrigerator Size

    Refrigerator Size is the most important consideration when starting your search for a new refrigerator.Make sure take into account door opening space ventilation space, cleaning space and how you'll get the refrigerator in the house and kitchen.

    • Measure depth, width and height.
    • Measure the door opening.
    • Allow room for the hinge.
    • Measure for ventilation.
    • Measure house doorways.

    • Family size

      Consider the following to help you choose a refrigerator with enough cubic feet (cu. ft.) for your family's needs:

      • Each adult will need a minimum of 4–6 cu. ft. of refrigerator space, with some extra space for holidays and other gatherings.
      • A couple who doesn't cook at home very often will need about 12–16 cu. ft.
      • Two people who do more cooking at home should look for a minimum of 18 cu. ft.
      • A typical family of four will need at least 20 cu. ft., and likely more.

    • Shopping and cooking habits

      Points to keep in mind would be how often you shop, do you shop in bulk? Do you rely on frozen foods? Make sure you have plenty of capacity for fresh food. Pay special attention to the dimension of the freezer compartment.

Top-freezer Bottom-freezer

Design and Style

Once you understand the size of the refrigerator you'll need, look at the design that will suit you best.

  • Top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators

    Top-freezers and bottom-freezers are very common refrigerator configurations. Top-freezers have the freezer compartment positioned above the refrigerator unit. The bottom-freezer design looks similar, but places the freezer below the refrigerator. In both configurations the freezer portion typically claims about a third of the total size.

    Benefits: A great value. Also comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be a good choice as a second refrigerator/freezer for the garage or basement. The bottom-freezer offers easy access to fresh foods.

Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerators

    In this style, the refrigerator and freezer compartments are more equal in size, with each taking up the full height of the refrigerator. Adjustable shelves are a must for optimal flexibility. If you have a narrow or galley-style kitchen, a side-by-side might be for you since less space is required for door swing.

    Benefits: Equal access to both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer. More freezer capacity than some other configurations.

four-door refrigerator
  • Four-door refrigerator

    The French door configuration is a great combination of side-by-side and bottom-freezer configurations. The French doors are located at the top, and offer a spacious refrigerator compartment. Store everything from large platters to pizzas with ease. French door refrigerators come in 3-, 4-, and 5-door models.

    Benefits: Stylish and elegant. Highly versatile array of configurations. Many models feature a bottom-mounted freezer, while some 4-door options feature a second, counter-height drawer, or a bottom section that's temperature- and humidity-adjustable for use as either a refrigerator or a freezer. Ice and water dispensers are offered on many French door refrigerators.

Top-freezer Bottom-freezer
  • Compact refrigerators

    These miniaturized versions of traditional refrigerators are ideal for dorm rooms, bedrooms, game rooms, home entertainment bars and home offices. In most compact refrigerators, a small freezer is located inside the refrigeration compartment.

    Benefits: Small and compact. They're built for a dorm room or adding under a bar.

Power Efficiency

Refrigerators are a big chunk of home energy use. With most appliances you save energy by using them less, but you can't very well do that with your fridge.
The main way to save money with your fridge is to use an efficient model. New fridges are incredibly more efficient.
The best modern models use less than half of what 1993-2000 fridges used.
Replacing a 1992 fridge with a modern Energy Star model could save you a fortune in electricity costs over the useful life of the fridge.