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TVs have been getting better and bigger in the last few years. Now it is quite difficult to understand what are the most significant changes that happened. Let us explain you what a smart TV is. A Smart TV has integrated internet capabilities. It means that you can of course watch TV on your screen but also be a DVD player, a music player and can do many things like a real computer.

Get Connected with your Smart TV

A Smart TV needs to be connected to the Internet to work properly. Some TV will be able to be connected wirelessly to your Home Wi-Fi. Other will net an Ethernet cable. Then you will directly be able to watch streaming videos on YouTube for example. You will be able to subscribe to Netflix and watch your favorite movies.

You will also be able to access your social networks like Facebook for example. If you TV as an integrated webcam you can use a video chat program like Skype to connect with your friends, or you family anywhere. If you don’t have any integrated camera you can of course buy a separate webcam.

Most of the Smart TVs would allow you to visit any website thanks to a keyboard or you remote control. Just like you do with your computer.

Be Careful and know you Options

If you think you want to have a smart tv you can buy a cheap smart tv online on Jumia Kenya. But be careful as the TVs don’t have all the same features available.