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Do you feel that you are a born-entrepreneur ? Do you feel that you are a born-seller and a connected person ? If you've always wanted to go for it, here's your chance. Jumia is here to provide you with everything you'd need to grow alongside us. Jumia is the Best Online Retailer in Africa and we want to keep writing this story with you. You won't believe it, but we want to provide you with the opportunity to own a shop that is a part of the biggest online retailer in Kenya. Yes, a physical store!


A task force ? How is it organized?

First and foremost, be sure that we are not looking for sales agents. We are looking for real entrepreneurs who are willing to grow fast and aiming at running a physical shop and a team of dozens of people.

Starting as a J-Force Entrepreneur, you will progress every time you realize a certain amount of commission. As you are growing from the probation stage to the platinum level, your commission increases. Are you a gold Entrepreneur ? We provide you with a tablet and unlimited Inernet!


When do I become a J-Captain ?

You become a J-Captain once you have proven that you have that entrepreneurship spirit and are able to efficiently manage a big network. Once you stay at the Platinum Level for 3 weeks in a row, you will be ready to progress to J-Captain. We provide you with an amazing support system to make sure that you are as efficient as possible.

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It’s cool, but how can I really make money ?

If you are a J-Force Entrepreneur, every time you sell a Jumia product you get a commission. If you grow from gold to platinium, then the commission you make on each product grows as well!  What do we mean by commission? The commission is a discount you will get on every purchase you make.

If you are a J-Captain, you will still earn money from the products you personnally sell. But you will also earn 10% of the commission made by your own team, and 2% of the commission of the split network. The J-Captain will even receive a fixed income of KSH 10,000 every month.

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The split network... What is it ?

If any of the entrepreneurs you recruited becomes a J-Captain, then the agents he will himself hire will compose your split network.

How will I exactly get the Jumia products ?

It's simple:Every time you have an order to place, you call our customer service and they will place the order for you. Don’t worry, the customer service agent will be able to track your number of sales and give you the discounted price thanks to a unique identification number that you’ll be given. You can also design the strategy you want to use to sell products, secure your stock and offer the best service to your customers.

As for getting the physical products, you will have two choies:

-You come and pick the items at our warehouse
-We deliver the items at your J-Captain locations and you come to pick them up

What if my customer or I experience any problem ?

The clients will be your clients, and you will be their favorite interlocutor. However, our main goal is to make you learn fast and develop your network as best as you can, so we and our Customer Service team will be always here to guide you. You’ll even benefit from a dedicated, personal CS agent if you are a gold J-Captain !

I feel that I have this entrepreneur spirit, but I’m still afraid I might not to be up to the task…

We want you to understand and learn from our expertise, and that’s why we implement training sessions and workshops for you to improve your skills and become the best JForce member you can be. And that’s not all: the more you grow, the more tools we give you to grow : flyers, material for a pop-up store, a personal CS agent - We will even help you to create the legal status of your own company if your performances are amazing!

 Great ! How can I start to be a J-Entrepreneur ?

First of all, you’ll be asked to fill a form and you will be assigned  to the team of a J-Captain straight away, so that you can learn from him and his team. You will have to pay an entrance fee of Ksh 500 which includes a Jumia T-shirt and printed copies of the catalogues. Ready, steady, go : you then have three months to reach the probation level !

Oh, by the way, can have clients who don't live in Nairobi ?

Easy to answer : yes of course. And if you need, we will help you deliver the items wherever they want.



For more information please call us on 0700000990 or 0205230600

Being your own boss, creating a team, making money and having fun, all that is up for grabs. Join the J-Project !