Secure Online Bank Transfer

Faster, Hassle-Free.
Forget about cash and card issues

Pay in the blink of an eye. Enter your e-mail, your password and confirm
your order with a mobile verification code and all you have to do is relax
and wait for your order to arrive. Don’t bother about cash management
and failed card transactions anymore.

Why so complicated?

Enjoy simplicity: no need to enable internet banking or
apply for a card, pay extra fees or get a token.
No risk of failed card transaction online or on delivery.
Simply clever, simply better.

Did you say faster?

No need to fetch your wallet and enter your details,
we save them for you. All you need is your phone to validate
the payment with a one-time password sent by your bank.
Log-in, select your bank account, validate.
No token, no PIN. Easy as 1-2-3.

Do you really need to pay cash?

Don’t bother about cash handling anymore. Confirm your payment
online and relax until delivery. No need to go to the bank, to prepare
the right amount of cash, to leave your money in insecure hands.
No risk of failed card transaction on delivery.



Better than cash

High Security

Guaranteed Refunds