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Buy Wintouch Tablets Online in Kenya

Wintouch Tablets is basically made for Kids which generally come with decent operating systems and easy to control user interface made to improve little ones learning skill and ability. These devices are a smart way to educate, teach as well as the entertainment kids need at the same time. The kids tablet doesn't just teach, educate but it makes children conversant to how computers work at a very early age. These tablets focus on an easier way of accomplishing tasks which makes it possible for kids to seamlessly navigate from reading eBooks to watching learning videos on YouTube and other related learning channels. One of the most important aspects of these gadgets is that it comes with absolute parental controls which help parent control what their children can have access to.

What do you need to look for when you are shopping for kids tablet?

  • Design & Display
They come in a variety of designs and sizes which provide you with options of choosing the screen size you want for your kid. Ranging from 7-inch to size to 9-inch display. Since they are made for children, and size does matter at times. How big are the hands that want to use the piece? If it's just for the kids and if an adult is going to operate on it? If you are buying it solely for your kid, then you should choose the smaller screen size but if you are going to be operating on it would be good to go for bigger screen size. If you want a bigger screen that will make every content on the screen come out clear, sharp and vibrant you should go for the Wintouch M95 which comes with a 9.0-inch with an 8GB onboard memory and 1GB of RAM with 3G network compatibility high-speed internet services.
  • Safe Browser and pre-loaded apps
Wintouch kids tablets are configured with a browser that only meant for kids. These devices come with web filters which you can choose for your kids or pre-decided by the manufacturer. Featuring an operating system overlay that lets parents protect their children from inappropriate online content. Some are not internet-enabled and block access to the web pages, and only allow games and pre-loaded apps appropriate for children are enabled on the system.
  • Storage
With excellent storage capacity, the device is loaded with decent memory space that ensures the gadget provides enough space to load apps, videos and other learning tools for children. You get to choose an internal memory space ranging from 8GB to 16GB storage capacity depending on your budget size. So, you will be able to take pictures and save them on the system. The Wintouch K93 HI will be an ideal device for your kid with excellent features and decent 8GB internal memory which is supported by 512MB RAM that lets the device deliver excellent performance.
  • Battery
Built with long-lasting battery capacity which makes learning continuous for kids. Wintouch pays much attention and prioritises battery life because the more time a child spends on its tab the more he or she will be willing to learn.

Where to Buy Wintouch Tablets Online in Kenya

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