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Anti Varicose Veins Gel  - VaricoFix

Comprehensive treatment is the key to success in getting rid of varicose veins. And one of its important components is the use of an antivaricose gel. It gently and effectively eliminates the manifestations of the condition, relieves the symptoms, tones and strengthens blood vessels.

VaricoFix gel, applied externally, is considered to be an excellent tool for treatment and prophylaxis. For you will be the first resort to getting the help you need.

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How does VaricoFix work? 

Due to its unique ingredients, this antivaricose gel is effective and safe. It can remove manifestations of local inflammation, reducing swelling and pain. When regularly applied, this gel improves the condition of the blood vessels, increases their tone, acts as a restorative and tonic solution. Also importantly, the VaricoFix gel eliminates subjectively felt symptoms such as "pins and needles", "cold" in the hands and feet, fatigue and heaviness. Application and Safe-keeping The recommended application is 2 times per day. Always use it at the end of the day, when you legs are the most tired. Don't worry to apply VaricoFix in the mornings before work, because it leaves no spots or stains on clothes, getting absorbed by the skin immediately. For prophylaxis apply once per day. Due to its 100% organic ingredients, VaricoFix has no side effects and can be used any time you feel discomfort, pain or heaviness in your legs. Store VaricoFix in a cool place.

Natural Ingredients:


is a patented complex of organic boosters, combating bad blood vessel circulation, lack of elastity of the small veins and degeneration of the microvascular connective tissue. Phytotonine provides recovery from the outward signs of varicose veins, cures the condition and prevents its recurrence. It is composed of these three plants: Arnica, Solomon`s seal and Cypress cones.


from the French mountains stimulates blood circulation, heals wounds and works on bruises immediately It takes care of trauma injuries, stopping extra fluid from penetrating the walls of the weakened vessels.

Solomon`s seal 

A rhizome extract that works as venous toner and helps to reduce the syndrome of “blotchy skin”. Solomon`s seal has tightening effect for double protection.

Cypress cones 

from the evegreen Oriental tree maintains the blood vessels' elasticity. It also restores veins' resillience in order to bear the pressures of a sedentary lifestyle.

Centella Asiatica

leaf extract comes from ancient Chinese culture as one of the most powerful stimulators for connective tissue recovery and reproduction. This plant also maintains the vascular integrity and tones the affected veins.


restores the blood vessel wall and stops inflammation processes. The Ruscus plant is well-known for its antioxidative properties. It is effective against venous insuficiency and reduces heaviness in the legs, which makes Ruscus the best bio-medicine for cardiovascular conditions.


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is a substance with faultless action against blood clot formation. It is effective in cell restoration and in defeating any type of blood vessel disorders - including varicose veins. Heparin is a real breakthrough in treating swollen veins, but in combination with the other bio-ingredients it makes the overall effect fast and permanent.


Key Features

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Anti Varicose Veins Gel  - VaricoFix:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces blood pressure in the veins
  • Promotes rapid recovery of the vessel walls
  • Reduces swelling   Increases the tone of the veins
  • Reduces venous stasis
  • Reduces the permeability and fragility of the capillaries
  • Cleans and restores varicose veins

What’s in the box

1 tube of VaricoFix Gel


  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Main Material: Gel
  • Weight (kg): 0.05

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This product has no ratings yet.

Generic VaricoFix - Varicose Veins Remedy

Generic VaricoFix - Varicose Veins Remedy

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KSh 11,95045%

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