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Women Perfumes & Fragrances at Jumia Kenya

Women perfumes and fragrances are part and parcel of every woman’s dress up. If the fragrance is not right, the entire dress up is a mess. Perfumes and fragrances reflect a woman's personality creating and a lasting impression among friends and peers. A good fragrance boosts a woman's confidence, making her feel more comfortable. Choosing the right perfume or fragrance can be hard, considering the huge collection we have at Jumia Kenya. There are different types of perfumes and fragrances and they are classified into five categories. These include Eau Fraiche which is the mild type, Eau de Cologne which has a higher concentration of alcohol, Eau de Toilette whose longevity is good, Eau de Parfum which is suitable as an everyday wear and Parfum which lasts the longest.

Discover variety of women perfumes and Fragrances

At Jumia Kenya we have variety of women designer perfumes the like of Chanel, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, Givenchy, Christian Dior and such. Looking for floral fragrances, why don't you try Gucci Flora,Coco Mademoisell andLa nuit tresor. For fruity notes you can tryDior Addict ,Giorgio Armani Si include others on the site. Browse through Jumia Kenya for all your women perfume needs. Choose from Calvin Klein collection including Eternity women, others include Black Opium, Good girl perfume, Miss dior, Gucci Bamboo, La nuit tresor, J'adore perfume and Hypnotic Poison.