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A new Android phone can change your life

Have you ever been lost in a new neighborhood or even worse - city? Have you wanted to check the meaning of a word and not able to? Have you found yourself unable to call your close ones because there's no signal? Have you missed out on a job because you didn't check your email while on vacation? All of these issues have been eliminated with the latest smartphones. In addition to interactive maps, thesauruses, instant messaging, better reception and email notifications, a smartphone is also providing you with portable games, ebook reading functions, sleek design, and protected screen to be manipulated with either a stylus or fingers.

What is so special about Android phones?

Each Android phone has access to the android app store. From there everyone can purchase different apps (applications) from games to music players to even dog whistles. On top of this, the variety of mobile phones using this OS lets the buyer choose from different functions such as QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen one, stylus-based touch or finger-based one, etc. You can even connect your Google account with the phone and gain easy access to all your emails as well as the new Google play function. Getting a smartphone is no longer related to other countries, as you can get one locally. It doesn't matter if it's an iPhone with iOS, a Nokia Lumia with Windows or 2013's Samsung S4 with Android - access them all with a single click.