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Latest mobile phones 2016 and get connected to the rest of the world

Your mobile phone is no longer just something you can make calls with! It's a texting, video conferencing, gaming and photography powerhouse. You can do anything with your smartphone, from organizing your life to booking tickets for your next concert; there really are no limits. You need to get the latest technology to enjoy all the newest features.

Shop for the latest phone accessories

Mobile phones don't just develop technologically; they are becoming more and more a stylish accessory. Different urban colours and materials are being used to create these trendy devices. To much up with the technology, our phone accessories include phone memory cards, power banks, phone cases and covers, mobile phone headset and data cables. Don't miss out on your chance to style your new device up and make it your own.

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We all know that shopping online can save you a fortune; this is still true with the mobile phone industry. There are some great savings to be made on your device purchases, so be sure to have a good look around. There are some great offers here at Jumia Kenya. Please have a look at our online shop and see our best mobile phones and their prices. For sure you will find cheap mobile phones or at least phones at low prices. So take a look now, see what you like and order now !

2016 is a big year for mobile developments; be sure to be part of it!

2016 is a great year for mobile phone developments. There is a great deal of competition going on between the big mobile designers. Samsung are pushing to get their piece of the market and are putting a lot of effort into their devices. This year they launched the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Microsoft is pushing their windows phones, which provide seamless integration with your home PC systems. Then there is Apple, always seemingly at the forefront of the mobile phone industry. All this competition means you have the opportunity to grab a great piece of technology at a superb price.