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Refrigerators are a must in Kenya are a must not just to preserve perishable items but also to store drinks in cool temperatures. The top brands on Jumia such as Samsung, Bruhm and Ramtons produce some of the highest quality fridges in Kenya. is here to offer you the largest of range of refrigerators in Kenya at the best prices online. What’s more? You can shop online, and have the fridge delivered right to your doorstep.

Types of Refrigerators on Jumia

Whether it is a brand like Von, Hotpoint, Hisense, Bhrum, Ramtons, Roch, Vitron & LG or a double door fridge, each type is different to serve a wide variety of needs. Refrigerators are manufactured in different styles and configurations each varying in their cooling power and the functionality. Here are the diverse types of fridges available on Jumia Kenya.
  • French Door Fridges
The French door fridges are very popular especially for large families. The French door refrigerators have two doors on the top section of the fridge with a freezer at the bottom. These types of fridges have more room to store fruits and vegetables as well as drinks. The size of the French door fridges range from 30 to 36 inches and the capacity goes up to 30 cubic feet.
  • Top Mount Refrigerators
In the category of both double & single door refrigerators, the top freezer style is one of the most common ones. Many people prefer to buy them because of their large amount of storage present. The top freezer range gives a lot of space and the size for it is around 30 to 33 inches. Bruhm is famous for producing the most refrigerators in this category.
  • Bottom Mount Freezer Style
The Bottom mount fridge has the freezer is known to have the width size of around 30 to 36 inches. The general capacity of this is around 30 cubic feet which is quite a lot of space. One of the highly vital benefits this has is the location of the shelves of the fridge. They are all at eye level and people can spot everything in them easily. Icecool fridges are mostly found in this category.
  • Single Door Style
The single door fridge category is quite affordable on Jumia. This has one door present on the top section of the fridge, while there is a small freezer at the bottom. The width for this is around 30 to 36 inches and the capacity go to around 30 cubic feet. Shop online for Armco Single Door Fridges.
  • Side by Side Style
The side by side fridge is known to have a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other side. The width for this is around 32 to 36 inches and the capacity are of about 30 cubic feet. Sometimes, door ice and water dispensers are present on these for easy and convenient usage.
  • Mini Refrigerators
Mini fridges only have about a quarter of the total capacity of the regular fridge type. The benefit of these is that they are small and can be stored anywhere you want. Check out Mika mini fridges if you are looking to buy one on Jumia.