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Mika Refrigerators on Jumia Kenya

Mika as a brand name is associated to quality kitchen appliances and electronics. Mika offers wide range of refrigerators from double doors to mini fridges and coolers for your beverages. Each of the models have different features but the one similar item is the high efficiency. The dual LED lighting is cooler and more energy efficient than conventional lighting, and brilliantly illuminates every corner of the huge interior space with brighter and softer lighting.

  • Mika single door refrigerator

This single door refrigerator option with a much smaller capacity allows you to easily preserve fruits and veggies in the fridge. Enjoy having a chilled drink or ice cream that’s well frozen in the freezer section. The Mika single door fridge is ideal for small households or people living alone.

  • Mika Double door fridge

Double door fridges by Mika come in different sizes for different storage capacities. Consider the cooling system technology with storage space when you make a purchase. This is though the most commonly opted fridge type where freezer compartment has a separate door.

This basic model is now being offered with external water dispenser outlet and LCD display with multiple options at a convenient display to make the settings as per your liking, also the external water dispenser outlet facility keeps the cooling intact some of which happens to be lost when fridge is being opened multiple times to take the water bottle out.

  • Mika Double door with mini bar Door

Another feature introduced in one of the double door models is a separate mini bar opening door where just a portion of the main door has a dedicated space to mini bar. Enjoy your drink!

Online shopping of Mika Fridges

All models of Mika Fridges are available on From basic Mika fridge models to smart fridges, you can now shop online and enjoy home delivery Enjoy relaxed shopping experience without having to worry about shipping.