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Buy Samsung Washing Machines Online from Jumia

Samsung washing machines conveniently manage household laundry without much manual effort. Due to the innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship, and advanced technology, Samsung washing machines are in great demand. They take away your workload, saving your time and effort. You can order varying loading capacities from Jumia. These machines have smart functions and features, along with modern designs. Samsung washing machine prices in Kenya are quite affordable online on Jumia. There is a huge collection of washing machines varying in sizes, features and utility.

Features of Samsung Washing Machines

More advanced a machine’s features, more comfort it will provide for the user. Each new washing machine has upgraded features which will enhance its usage and provide maximum benefits to the consumers. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of these machines. Energy efficiency: Designing of the Samsung washing machines is done in a way that they enable you to save 10% energy, thus lowering the energy costs.
  • Silent tech
Samsung uses Silent technology to avoid any noise while doing the laundry. The side walls of the machine are designed specifically to reduce the vibrations. Additional insulation allows ultra-silent washing. These machines have a noise level lower than normal washing machines.
  • Baby-Protect
These washing machines have developed special programs to allow anti-allergy laundry for the kids. Hygienic cleaning is maximized through temperature control and drum movements. After the wash cycle, there’s an additional rinse cycle which ensures perfect rinsing.
  • Aqua fusion
Samsung washing machine in Kenya ensures a smart system through which it can save the detergent used in these machines. The Aquafusion technology in these machines save around 5.5kg of detergent each year.
  • Water Heater
The heating element present in the metal coating technology causes less surface roughness, ensures corrosion protection and reduces the lime-scale build up.
  • Brushless Motor Technology
A brushless motor allows an extended life to the motor. It ensures speedy mechanical actions and better torque. It also depicts unbalanced load detection, if any. Other Features of Samsung Washing Machine There are many other advanced features which allow all sorts of apparel to be washed in these washing machines. There’s a duvet program, self-clean program, dark care, easy ironing, detergent compartment.