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Ramtons Washers & Dryers on Jumia Kenya

If the laundry room in your home is one of the spots you don't like to see, that means the spot is probably missing out on one very important home appliance which is a washing machine. Complete your laundry room with Ramtons Washers & Dryers which come in various sizes and vary in types depending on your choice of preference. With different type of washing machines, you will be able to choose from a Full Automatic to Semi-Automatic, Front Load to Top Loader devices.

Find the right gadget that fit your laundry requirements at our online Home Appliances section. This section covers a wide range of Washing machines and dryers. As a renowned manufacturer of garment care device that cares for all your fabrics needs, style and preferences when it comes to carrying out your laundry task seamlessly. With useful features like digital control, wash cycles, foam control, anti-crease, speed options, rinse hold, child lock and more.

However, if you live in a small or compact apartment and you need a decent laundry machine that is capable of doing the washing and dry for you while you get other task done. The Ramtons 7kg would be a good pick for you, it is a Front Load and Fully Automatic which can easily get your tough garment washed and dried for you without you having to spend your entire day doing the laundry manually with your hands which can be very tedious and long-drawn.

Buy Ramtons Washers & Dryers Online in Kenya

Discover washing machines with washing capacity ranging from 6kg to as high as 8kg to fit the size of your family. While a 6kg type of device will be decent enough for a family of four or more whereas, a family of six or more might need a machine with a capacity up to 15kg or more to get their laundry done easily. You will be able to wash the bulk of your dirty fabrics in a matter of minutes while you get on with your other household chore.

Find affordable washing machine and dryer at low prices you can get in Kenya. As your one-stop shop, you will get everything that will help you simplify your household chore without spending your entire savings.