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Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. Most people take coffee to begin their day on an energetic note and to shake off sleep.This is effective because coffee contains caffeine in healthy quantities that gives you the boost to start your day right, but there are even more health benefits than you might know. Coffee, for example, can help to brighten one’s mood, make you feel more alive and lower the risks of sinking into a depression. It also helps in the process of burning fat and shedding some weight.

Kenya is said to be the East African powerhouse of the world of coffee. Kenyan coffee is rated one of the best in the world, usually blended with lower quality coffees to produce a much better taste. Some of the best brands of coffee in the world are Kenyan. They include Klatch coffee, Willoughby’s coffee and Topeca coffee roasters, and you can find them right here on Jumia.

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Espresso is a type of coffee. It comes in so many variations and these variations are some of the popularly known coffee drinks consumed today. There is cappuccino, which is a single shot of espresso with frothed milk, a latte, which is actually a milk drink flavored with a double shot of espresso and some syrup, and the cafe Americano, which is a shot of espresso topped with hot water.

Kenyan espresso is also known all around the world. The Cafe Viante, for example, is known as a favorite thanks to the unique blackcurrant and wine aftertaste. Just like coffee, espresso has benefits that go beyond just a cup of nicely brewed beverage. Espresso helps to boost long term memory, physical performance by releasing more adrenaline, prevents liver failure and helps with weight loss.

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