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A Computer keyboard is an input device used for entering data into the computer system. It is the main input device of the computer system. It requires punching sets of buttons with letters, numbers, and symbols on them. The primary function of the keyboard is to enter text into the computer system. Similar to the typewriter keyboard, the computer keyboard can also be used to type. It has several other functions aside typing. You can use the keyboard to navigate from one file or folder to another, copy files, switch between tasks, and more. Keyboards come in different types, shapes, and design and from different brands eg Logitech keyboards

Shopping the Right Type of Computer Keyboard

The PC keyboard can also be classified as computer peripheral devices. Buying the perfect keyboard for your PC or laptop depends on some of these key features such as:

  1. Keyboard types: There are different types of keyboards but the major ones are the standard keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, flexible keyboards, and laptop keyboards, wireless keyboards that are bluetooth enabled. For gamers, the gaming keyboards are specially designed to give you an edge and also enhance your gaming experience.
  2. Keyboard Layout: This is how the keys on the keyboard are arranged. The most popular layout is the QWERTY layout. Other layouts include AZERTY, DVORAK, QWERTZ, HCESAR, and more.
  3. Keyboard Connectivity: This refers to how the keyboard is being connected to the computer system. The connectivity mostly comes in two types which are wired keyboard and wireless keyboard. The wired keyboard makes use of USB port while older version makes use of PS/2 port. The USB keyboard is what is majorly produced globally due to its compatibility with all systems. The wireless keyboard makes use of Bluetooth connection or an RF connection with a USB receiver.
  4. Key Weight: This is the weight of the keys on the keyboard. There are some keyboards that require gentle punching of the keys while other requires a little force in order to punch the keys. There is a feel to this feature and you will be able to tell the difference when you trying typing on different keyboards.
  5. Portability: This refers to how easy and small the keyboard is. With this feature, you can fit your feature into your bag without much weight felt. Portable keyboards most times don’t have the full keys which make them weigh less than the standard keyboards.

Where to Order Computer Keyboards Online in Kenya?

The computer system is incomplete without the keyboard. It is an essential component that makes up the computer system. If you are looking for where to buy computer keyboards online in Kenya, Jumia Kenya is the perfect place to shop. Explore our wide range of different types of keyboards from top brands like HP keyboards, Dell keyboards, Asus keyboards, Acer keyboards, Toshiba keyboards, and more. Get computer keyboards at the lowest prices in Kenya. Pay cash on delivery.