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Shop for Computer Mouse and Keyboards Online at Jumia Kenya

buy computers keyboards and computer mouse to carry out everyday functions. With so many options in the market, choosing the right keyboard and mouse to supplement your computing experience can be a daunting task. However, with Jumia Kenya’s online marketplace featuring multiple computer shops and vendors under one roof, you get access to all the best devices all over Kenya!

Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is an essential accessory used for navigating the cursor to carry out all computing tasks on your computer and laptop. The right mouse can offer easy usage, speed, comfort functionality. Choose a computer mouse on Jumia that is compatible with your requirements and lifestyle.

Desktop Mouse: Designed for daily use, desktop mouse devices offer all the basic standard features, two right and left buttons and a scroll wheel as well as forward-backward buttons for navigation.

Gaming Mouse Devices: They come in customized designs and have a lot more buttons and controls providing gamers added functionality, features and speed.

Wireless Mouse Devices: Such mouse devices are operated via batteries and can be connected to the computer using Bluetooth technology without the additional hassle of wires.

Computer Keyboards

Keyboards function as an input device with alphabet and other keys arranged in a typewriter style used for entering data and typing documents. Shop from the many varieties of computer keyboards available on Jumia.

Gaming Keyboards: Ideal for gaming enthusiasts since they feature illuminated keys that let you play games all day long. They also have extra features such as special multimedia keys which allow you to carry out additional functions while playing.

Ergonomic Keyboards: These keyboards are especially designed to make typing much easier and also reduce the strain your hands face while typing.

Wireless Keyboards: Like a wireless mouse, the wireless keyboards also allow you to connect wirelessly to your computer and even work away from a distance. Like most other keyboards, they also usually have an inbuilt touchpad which substitutes as a mouse.

Rollup Computer Keyboards: They are also known as flexible keyboards. They are made of silicon and can simply be rolled and unrolled whenever need be. They are ideal for users who wish to be on the go constantly and prefer portable and easy to carry around devices while travelling.

Online Shopping for Keyboards and Mouse Devices at Jumia Kenya

Before buying a keyboard & mouse, evaluate the features and performance before choosing your device and get the best deals online on computer mouse devices and keyboards online at Jumia Kenya, and have them delivered to your doorstep, with easy cash on delivery services! Shop from a variety of brands including Logitech, HP, Apple, Microsoft, and Dell and enjoy the online shopping experience at Jumia Kenya.