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Discover SanDisk Memory Cards on Jumia

SanDisk is a leading American company that excels in designing, developing and manufacturing flash memory storage devices along with software. SanDisk is well-distinguished name in the phone accessories industry and happens to be the third largest producer of memory cards in the world.

You can now order online Sandisk Memory Cards in Kenya on Jumia at the best, discounted prices. If you are always running out of space on your smartphone or laptop, then you need external storage devices such as a memory card. SanDisk memory cards are the most convenient and easy way of increasing the storage capacity of as they are available in many sizes and several storage capacities on Jumia.

Sandisk memory cards range from 4GB Sandisk memory cards to 512 GB Sandisk memory card. In addition to that, a wide variety of Sandisk micro SD cards are also available on Jumia’s website.

How to Choose the Best SanDisk SD Card

However before buying the memory card for the laptop, camera or phone, the buyer should thoroughly consider the following factors
  • Capacity of the SD Card
Cell phone memory cards usually range from 2GB to 512GB in terms of capacity. Before purchasing a memory card, take into account your data storage needs. If you are a professional photographer or videographer, you need a bigger memory card. A 128GB SanDisk micro SD Card is the best choice for people who like to save a huge chunk of important files.

Those who rarely save any files in their phones, can go for smaller storage device such as 8GB Sandisk micro SD card.
  • Compatibility with DSLR Camera or Smartphone
Majority of phones and cameras are compatible with micro SD memory cards. SanDisk offers a wide range of micro SD cards such as 32 GB and 16 GB SanDisk micro SD card. Buyers should thoroughly check the compatibility of memory cards with their phones in order to make the right choice.
  • Budget SanDisk Memory Cards
Find the best price for SanDisk Memory cards on Jumia once you have determined compatibility and storage needs. SanDisk memory cards are fairly priced in Kenya with prices starting as low as Ksh.700 on Jumia. Place your order today and get your hands on the lowest prices on Jumia.