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High Quality Sewing Machines Online

Stitching by hand can be exhausting, thus a sewing machine makes tailoring simple and fun. For those who do commercial sewing and those who do it as a hobby understand what it means to have a good quality sewing machine. It is an asset. With a sewing machine you can easily make gowns, trousers curtains and so many other range of clothing and home deco items and save time. Jumia Kenya brings you highly discounted sewing machines with delivery at your home or office.

Buy Sewing Machines On Jumia Kenya

At Jumia Kenya we have a broad range of sewing machines including mechanical sewing machines that are used for basic sewing such as doing repairs and clothes alterations. These machines are manually operated and can do straight, zigzag and overcasting stiches. We also stock the portable hand-held Mini sewing machines which are hand held, they are light in weight. You can travel with the machine just in case you need to do a minor repair on your garment. Check out also the embroidery machines that can be used to make different colorful embroideries. These sewing machines can also be used to hem and quilt, create different motif, picture and text on fabrics.

With Jumia Kenya sewing machines you don’t have to run to the tailor for small tears and repairs. Shop for your sewing machine online with Jumia Kenya and select from some of the best brands including Universal, Allwin, Louis will, Vakind, Kokobuy and Fashion. Shopping online with Jumia Kenya will save you time as you can get all the sewing machines under one roof so comparing the machines will be easy. Once you shop the sewing machines will be delivered to you at your address within the shortest time possible.