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What is better than having a good health and living long? Your guess is as good as ours - nothing. Staying healthy and gaining resistance to diseases is one of the most important things in life. The body could be very susceptible to germs which, in turn, lead to diseases and in cases not well taken of, death. For several decades, Dettol has maintained its position as the foremost producer of products which keep you healthy by killing 99% of germs. Germs are everywhere, even in places where we least expect. And regularly exposing your body to germs daily without finding a way to care for yourself is, in fact, dangerous.

Dettol’s products come in different kinds; from soaps to lotions to sanitizers, all which are specially made to be effective in several ways. The brand’s saying, “Tough on germs, gentle on hands” expressly reflects the fact that the products are skin-friendly so that you will not have to worry about having allergies or adverse reactions. One other thing that is pretty much commendable about the brand is that its range of products is open for use by individuals of different skins and different ages. They are recommended for adults as well as for kids and babies.

Dettol Products on Jumia Kenya

Dettols are an household supply ingredient. Choose to live a healthy life with our large selection of Dettol products. Find the antiseptic liquid, shower gel, petroleum jelly and a whole lot more right here on our platform. Best prices are available. Enjoy payment on delivery.