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Buy Video Games in Kenya Online at great prices

Video games can be played on computers or consoles, solo or with friends. While the online gamers play on laptops and PCs, serious gamers look towards dedicated gaming devices such as X-Box and PlayStation. Sony has always been a market leader in consumer electronics and has always given customers high quality products. Through PlayStation, and X-Box, the way gaming is done has been revolutionized worldwide so that now, even adults are part of the gaming community. You can now buy Video games online in Kenya at unbelievable prices right here at Jumia. There are Video games for everyone. This is the reason why just like movies, games are also given ratings.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games may not be for everyone but are great choice for video games for kids. Not only can the child spend some good time playing games but such games also lead to healthy brain development. Games for kids are given G-rating. Some puzzle games for adults include Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Far Cry 5

Strategic games

Games which allow you to use your brain and make strategies are always in demand. These games include The Last of Us Remastered and Fallout 4 are popular and even competitions are held online to see who the best player is.

Sports Games

Sports games are extremely popular among people of all ages. EA Sports is one of the biggest manufacturers of games of sports genre. Video games like PES football and NBA Basketball Games are extremely popular. One reason for their high popularity is that these can be played among multiple players, both online and offline. Football players like Messi and Pique have said on the record that they play FIFA online with random people.

Simulation games

Casual games will always have a loyal set of audience. One very popular casual game is Rise of the Tomb Raider. You pick up a character and live his life in the game. This game is a bestseller and has received critical acclaim as well.

Action games

Video games like Call of Duty and Marvel's Spider-Man are famous in the action genre. Action genre is liked by many people due to the fact that you can take part in virtual action which you possibly can’t take part in real life.

Racing games

Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Black Ops 4 are absolute classics and have even inspired movie adaptations in Hollywood. In real life, racing is a bad idea but you can get the same thrill and excitement by racing in ultra-high graphics of PlayStation.

Order Video Games Online on Jumia Kenya

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