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Jumia is the best place for you to shop all sorts of beverages whether alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic. Beverages on Jumia come across a wide range, they are (always) from the best brands and they come way more affordable here than elsewhere. Having a party over the weekend and your guys are coming around to groove it at your place? Not a worry, we got you sorted. How about much bigger parties? Still not a problem. There's really no need to go pay hundreds of thousands of naira to an events manager just for them to shop you drinks that you easily could have shopped by yourself on Jumia with a few simple clicks. Or you have kids who sure know how to devour everything you have in your fridge: from water to soda to juice, even vinegar? Jumia has all that you need to replace the void. Whether you're shopping for drinks for a party, or you're just stocking up your fridge, as usual, there's enough for you to shop on Jumia, both for young ones and for older ones. You can find great options for non-alcoholic drinks that are safe for kids or for those of your friends who would rather not take spirits. Shop everything you need for the home from beverages like tea, coffee, milk, soft drinks, and water. How about some wine to celebrate your new job, or the new baby, or the new car, or your anniversary with your lady? And on second thought, if you decide that being alive is enough reason to shop for your next bottle of wine then, take a pick from among our finest wines: Grand Hill, Carlo Rossi, Excuse Brut, Andeas Chilian or Fragolino – your choice. As long as you're ready to go the extra mile, we are. Whatever you're doing whether you're celebrating or you're just sobering up, you can find the right alcoholic beverage online with us on Jumia.

Discover Cocktail Drinks on Jumia

Cocktail drinks could refer to a unique blend of drinks one of which must be alcoholic. The best way to have a cocktail drink is to mix one yourself. Indoors. And enjoy it on the couch. With a loved one. On Jumia, we can assure you that you can get quite a lot of options for you to try your own mix at home. Go on, pick up your goggles, scientist, and try some new mix that you've never had before. With the entire cocktail options available on Jumia: Baileys, Absolut, Campari, Chandor, McDowell, or Gold Bazooka, we've done all we can, it's your creativity that should now know no bounds. Shopping cocktail drinks online on Jumia is a great idea especially when you remember that we offer the best home delivery service around. The idea of shopping on Jumia is to try to get the best deals off whatever you're buying, even drinks. When shopping on Jumia for cocktail drinks, make use of our filters to get the right drinks that you're looking for. Filter by any criteria including cocktail brand, type, cocktail drink location, and price.