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Fitness Bars & Gym Bench Bar from Jumia Kenya

In today’s world we are all keen on keeping fit and trim. There are many ways that one can keep themselves fit and healthy including a healthy diet or work out. To work out right and achieve the desired results you need to have the right gym equipment including fitness bars, gym bench bar, push up bars just to mention a few. Looking for in fitness bars in Kenya? Jumia Kenya has you covered. You can now order for your fitness bars and gym bench bar online and have them delivered at your desired location within the shortest time possible.

Buy Gym Bench Bar on Jumia

There are different types of fitness bars available on Jumia Kenya including the pull-up bars and the push-up bars. The pull-up bars can either be mounted on the doorway, the wall or on the ceiling as a ceiling bar. The push-up bars are U shaped and are placed on the floor where you place your hands on them and push yourself up and down for a set of pushups. Fitness bars help you work on your upper body that is the shoulders, back and the arms. If you are planning on adding weights to your work out session, then you need a gym bench bar. They come in different designs including horizontal, fixed, inclined and there are even adjustable ones.

Top Notch Fitness Bars

Shop for fitness bars online through Jumia Kenya. We have fitness bars from trusted brands such as Sunpower, Maridadi, Dealfit and Kansa. Shop conveniently with Jumia Kenya by ordering for both the fitness bars & gym bench bar online and pay securely online or cash on delivery.