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Featuring an attractive and easy-to-use designs, our cooking appliances ensures the time you spend cooking is always more productive. This splendid design has gas burners in the most functional and user-friendly pattern. It is made from high grade material that offers superior durability‎.‎ It is also corrosion resistant which means it will remain rust‎-free for a long period of time‎.‎ With this gas cooker‎,‎ your time in the kitchen we be more productive.‎ The food will come out well cooked and tasty‎.

Gas cookers and burners, are one of the most important appliances in any kitchen. There are different types of these appliances. Gas hobs, act as burners only. Usually they come with 3 to 5 burners for cooking. Gas cooker ovens, typically have 3 gas burners and 1 hot plate. The oven might use electricity or gas. Usually, the hot plate uses electricity.

Gas cooker Prices in Kenya

  • RAMTONS EB/310- 4Gas+Rotiserie+Auto Ignition Cooker KSh 14,990
  • Super General SGC6470MS-Electric Cooker 60X60 with 3 Gas Burners + 1 Hot Plate KSh 28,999
  • Bruhm BGC 6640NW - Free Standing Gas Cooker KSh 12,490
  • MIKA Free Standing Cooker, 4 Gas Burners, Gas Oven - MST60PIAGSL/EM, 60 X 60 KSh 22,995
  • Super General SGC5470MS-Electric Cooker 50X55 with 3 Gas Burners + 1 Hot Plate KSh 23,999
  • Bruhm BGC 5040NW - 4 Gas - 50cm x 55cm - Free Standing Cooker KSh 17,995
  • Bruhm BGC 9642NX - 90cm x 60cm - Free Standing Gas Cooker KSh 52,000
  • RAMTONS EB/301-5695 4 Gas Roti+Auto Ignition.Cooker KSh 20,990
  • MIKA MST55PIAGSL/SD - Standing Cooker, 4Gas Burners, Gas Oven KSh 17,495

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