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Collaboration is the key to innovation for HTC

HTC Corporation is one of the world's leading Taiwanese manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, founded in 1997 by CEO Peter Chou and Chairwomen Cher Wong. At its humble beginning the main focus of the company was on the development of notebook computers, but then quickly moved towards designing and manufacturing some of the world's first touch and wireless hand-held mobile phones. For the first time in 2006, products were marketed under its own brand. As the company grew, collaborations began to develop with partners who shared the same goals as HTC to deliver innovative technology world-wide, spreading its slogan 'Quietly Brilliant'. Established partnerships were developed with companies such as Microsoft, Qualcomm and Google allowing the development of phones that put the user at the center of the entire process.

HTC Kenya: A personalized experience is key to success

HTC is dedicated to a customer personal experience and tries to ensure that each device is fitted to the owner and meets their individual requirements. The philosophy is about meeting the customers' needs by putting the user at the center of the development process, giving the customer an exceptional smartphone experience by seeing things through the user's perspective.

As one of the major smartphone producers, the company is always looking to expand their reach around the world, particularly to countries such as Kenya. This is possible as many of the products such as HTC Desire 10, HTC Desire 630 are available to buy online. These products include the Sensation unveiled in 2011 which at the time was the world's fastest smartphone, and also the Desire. More recently, the waterproof 4G capable Butterfly and the popular HTC One with brand new camera sensor and stereo speakers have been developed. The latest phones from the Taiwanese company such as the HTC one Mini are now available at best price in Kenya from many online shops. The Taiwanese company evolution from the manufacturing of notebook computers to be one of on the leading mobile phones brand is a huge achievement that can only prove the great reputation it has acquired over the years for manufacturing quality products.