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Buy Electric Irons in Kenya at Best Prices from Jumia Kenya

A sturdy iron is an indispensable household item as we always need crisp and well ironed clothes to wear. Shop online for an iron that has a heavy sole plate and an in-built water/steam spray to make ironing faster. Long cords with iron are always handy so may move the iron freely. The brands on Jumia with the ability to smooth out stubborn creases include Kenwood, Ohms, Philips.

Best Types of Irons Online in Kenya

Different types of irons are used for pressing clothes. With the advancement of technology, latest features and applications of ironing systems have been upgraded along with the designing. Here are different irons that are in use today.

  • Dry Electric irons

These are best for any type of clothing. As the name implies, they work using electric energy. These are non-stick irons and have Teflon soleplate, so they can easily slide over the clothes. The indicator light turns red when the iron is hot enough for pressing clothes.

  • Steam irons

These irons are best for removing wrinkles. Panasonic iron is a cordless steam iron that has stainless steel soleplate, auto shutoff, anti-drip system, steam temperature control, etc. and many other latest features. Steam press price in Kenya is high because of the problem of load shedding so it is more convenient to buy a steaming iron for your home, which is a cost-effective way. You can press clothes in any direction with ease and precision, and enough speed.

  • Charcoal iron

These were used in older times for pressing clothes before the innovation of electric and steam irons. In Kenya, a charcoal iron is still in use by people in far flung areas where electricity is unavailable

How to Choose Steam Irons Online in Kenya

The price of irons available at stores vary due to difference in features and wattage. The price may be as low as 1000KES and as high as 9000 KES depending mainly on the features and wattage. Moreover, the quality and brand of an iron also affects its price. Here are a few things you need keeping in mind while you go for purchasing a clothes iron for you:

  • Auto Shut-off Feature

Although majority of the irons these days look compact yet they consume a great deal of electricity. Many of these elegant looking irons do not come with an automatic shut-off feature. An iron that offers 3-way shut-off feature would turn off automatically when it is left plugged in face down, on its side, or upright accidentally you.

  • A Scratch Resistant Soleplate

An iron with a scratch resistant soleplate and steam feature would take better care of your valuable clothes while you press them. The stainless-steel plate would be the best in this regard. This would help you glide your iron smoothly over all kinds of fabrics from silk to wool. The popular brands such asPanasonic, Philips, Black and Decker, and Ramtons are the best.

  • Steam Burst Button

This feature lets you clothes a crispy and superfine finish. The steam burst button on an iron lets you shoot your clothes with a burst of steam. The steam vents are placed on the soleplate. An iron with more steam vents would be more effective as compared to the one with a few.

  • Water Reservoir Capacity

All steam iron models come with different water reservoir capacity. If you are one of those people who iron a lot of clothes at a time or if you want to use your steam iron for commercial purposes, you should make sure that the one you choose has a sufficient water reservoir density, so that you don’t have to fill it up time and again.

Whether you want to buy online a dry or steam iron price in Kenya, you can now compare the price on Jumia. Check out the various domestic as well as commercial irons available online. Moreover, it is recommended for you to buy an iron stand to get the best results with their irons. The iron stand price in Kenya also varies just like irons prices however it is not too costly for anyone to afford.

Iron price in Kenya varies according to the design and features of the wide variety of irons which are all available at affordable prices at Jumia.