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Dell was founded in 1984 by the Texas-born Michael Dell. This is one of the biggest and most popular computer manufacturers and developers. With more than 100,000 employees on various positions, this is one of the most respected companies worldwide. Their products are also the preferred choice of professionals as well as casual users.

Best Dell Laptops at the Best Price on Jumia

There are many technical specs that one must check out before buying a new laptop, but the prices also matters. This is where Dell, unlike some other brands, is strong. They can give you a notebook with good specs for the price of a low quality second hand Mac. In Kenya, it is not as important to have the latest model, as ecology and value is considered more important than looks and year of production. The latest Models by Dell, including the Ultrabook lines, are all very expensive and can be used for high tech software. The ones that come cheaper are for the casual users and they also have a core i5 processor, but it is an older generation or maybe in a combination with hardware with worse abilities than the Ultrabooks.

One good and recent example of a cheaper Dell computer with such processor is the Dell Inspiron laptop with HD graphics, 500GB HDD and a 4GB RAM. It is one of the best in its league and is still much cheaper than the Dell Latitude laptops.

Buy Dell Laptops Online in Kenya

In Jumia Kenya we offer you the opportunity to buy a computer in our online shop. You won’t have to look for a computer shop in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya. You will be able to find Dell laptop accessories for sale at best prices. Simply shop online on Jumia where all the laptops have a warranty. Choose home or office delivery or pickup from one of the Jumia stations.