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Choose Macbook Pro as your PC

The razor thin Macbook pro is popular with many laptop owners especially graphics designers. The design of the Macbook Pro is minimalistic with a smooth, glossy feel. The antiglare screen of the MacBook pro makes life easier on eyes. The screen is high resolution with 226 ppi making display sharp. The keyboard goes edge to edge creating more space and eventually larger keys. The keys are shallow as such you can hardly feel them when typing. The touch pad keys are close to the keyboard keys, which has been done with the help of all new butterfly mechanism. Consider buying the accessories of the MacBook Pro on Jumia. The USB Type C cable comes in handy if you have an iPhone. This charging cable has same plugs on both sides, one for connecting into the laptop and the other side to the power adapter. As such, you don’t need another cable for data transfer and displaying data output.

Online shopping in Kenya for MacBook

The 13-inch MacBook Pro prices in Kenya are affordable on Jumia. Consider your needs before selecting the Macbook pro to buy. You can select based on RAM, flash storage and screen size. Whatever you choose, you will find it on Jumia Kenya.