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For a lot of people and on a lot of occasions, cooking might not exactly be an easy activity. Therefore, to reduce stress while cooking and enjoy it more, you should invest in the right type of small appliances. Appliances generally are designed to make life a lot easier and better for you and cooking appliances are certainly not an exception. A rice cooker is an appliance which is majorly used for cooking rice (although not restricted to that). Rice serves as one of the most popular dish eaten by different individuals, localities and societies all over the world. Hence, it is only normal that you always have to cook rice irrespective of who you are and where you live.

If you do cook a lot of rice, a beneficial cooker to have in your kitchen would be a rice cooker. A rice cooker is designed somewhat like a pot, can be controlled while in operation and most importantly, has an air-tight cover that can seal tightly while you’re cooking. Rice cookers are your best bet if you usually cook and want to cook at a faster and less stressful rate.

On Jumia Kenya, we offer you the best prices on a large selection of rice cookers from top brands such as Ramtons and the most convenient payment options.

Benefits of Rice Cookers

Wondering why you should get a rice cooker for your daily or regular cooking? Here are a few reasons:
  • Faster cooking
With rice cookers, cooking has never been faster. We all want an appliance that makes life easier for us by giving us a faster time of cooking. With one, you can focus on other activities in your home without wasting so much time on cooking.
  • A neater way of cooking
Rice cookers are quite different from the conventional pots and pans. They have a non-sticky frame so that when you’re cooking, your rice doesn’t stick to the pot. This would reduce the stress of having to wash the remnants of rice that would normally stick to the bottom of the pot while cooking. Also, this appliance for cooking is usually sealed while cooking. This ensures that water from your rice does not spill over while it’s cooking, giving you a clean, non-messy kitchen.
  • Convenience of cooking
Like most other cooking appliances, rice cookers can be controlled. One thing that makes rice cookers better than cooking in pots is that you can decide how long you want your rice to cook for. This is beneficial if you have other things to attend to.