Jumia promises to provide you with the best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way. We assure you that all due precautions are taken so that your package is delivered to you intact and on time by our delivery partner. Just proceed with your order and we’ll do the rest.

Tracking my Order

You can track your order in two ways: Clicking on the 'track your order' link given in your order confirmation email, or Entering your order number on this page Order Tracking Click here for information about the expected delivery timeline. For any inquiries contact our Customer Service Call Center at 0711 011 011 or click on the following link and fill the form.

Please Note

You can choose not to accept an item on the spot (for example in the unlikely case that it was the wrong item). It is not possible to open products bearing a manufacturer’s seal and to return them on the spot. If there is a problem, please follow our return policy & we will support you.

Orders shipped from Overseas may incur an extra international customs fee automatically calculated on checkout

Our package sizes are classified as follows:

  • Special Small: includes items such as earphones, toothpaste and memory cards.
  • Small: includes items such as phones
  • Medium: includes items such blenders and iron boxes
  • Large: includes items such fridges, washing machines and TVs

Delivery Charges

Zone Type Size Min (Average) 2 items (Average) 3 items (Average)
Zone 1 Pick Up Small Special KES 90 KES 180 KES 180
Standard Small KES 100 KES 200 KES 200
Standard Medium KES 180 KES 360 KES 450
Standard Large KES 440 KES 890 KES 1,315
Door Delivery Small Special KES 110 KES 220 KES 220
Standard Small KES 130 KES 260 KES 260
Standard Medium KES 270 KES 540 KES 675
Standard Large KES 680 KES 1,360 KES 2,040
Zone 2 Pick Up Small Special KES 160 KES 325 KES 325
Standard Small KES 175 KES 345 KES 345
Standard Medium KES 370 KES 735 KES 920
Standard Large KES 630 KES 1,260 KES 1,890
Door Delivery Small Special KES 180 KES 360 KES 360
Standard Small KES 190 KES 380 KES 380
Standard Medium KES 420 KES 840 KES 1,050
Standard Large KES 820 KES 1,650 KES 2,470
Zone 3 Pick Up Small Special KES 120 KES 240 KES 240
Standard Small KES 130 KES 270 KES 270
Standard Medium KES 260 KES 520 KES 645
Standard Large KES 625 KES 1,250 KES 1,870
Door Delivery Small Special KES 190 KES 390 KES 390
Standard Small KES 200 KES 395 KES 395
Standard Medium KES 400 KES 800 KES 995
Standard Large KES 1,190 KES 2,235 KES 3,355
Zone 5 Pick Up Small Special KES 160 KES 305 KES 305
Standard Small KES 170 KES 340 KES 340
Standard Medium KES 350 KES 700 KES 870
Standard Large KES 1,130 KES 2,270 KES 3,400
Zone 6 & 7 Pick Up Small Special KES 240 KES 480 KES 480
Standard mall KES 250 KES 500 KES 500
Standard Medium KES 1,020 KES 2,035 KES 2,545
Standard Large KES 14,880 KES 29,755 KES 44,630

Click here to view the zones.

Please Note:

  • Note that the above figures are average fees charged per order/ per item and may vary from one city to another.
  • Ordering MORE ITEMS together will allow you to SAVE on shipping fees - You pay reduced fees for the 2nd item onwards!
  • Small and Medium items: for orders with 2 or more items, the shipping fee applied will be the multiple item fee corresponding to the biggest item in the order.
  • Large items: shipping fees will always be charged separately since these items require specific transport arrangements.
  • For orders with 3 or more items, the shipping fee for each item may be incremented by 5-10 KSH to facilitate payment (e.g. 170 KSH instead of 163.33 KSH).