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How does sugar benefit the body?

Sugar is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in many foods. The body mostly uses carbohydrates as an energy source. Food producers also add sugar to many products, which can lead a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high.

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate. The body breaks down all carbohydrates into sugar. There are different types of sugars, which vary in the structure of their molecules. Monosaccharides comprise just one sugar molecule, making them the simplest form of sugar. They include:

  • glucose
  • galactose, which milk contains
  • fructose, a sugar common in fruits
  • Role of sugar in the body

    The body has a natural feedback mechanism by which high glucose levels lead to increased insulin production, and low levels lead to decreased levels of this hormone. The body requires healthy insulin levelsTrusted Source to function properly. If there is too little insulin or it no longer functions properly, a person can develop diabetes.

    Naturally occurring sugars come with a variety of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. For example, alongside fructose, fruit contains fiber and various vitamins and minerals. Most foods and drinks that contain added sugars, such as chocolate and soda, lack these nutrients.

    Sugar Description and Price in Kenya

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    Price of sugar in Kenya

    As of 2020, sugar's retail price in Kenya slightly declined to 113.9 Kenyan shillings (KSh), roughly 1.03 U.S. dollars, per kilogram. The price reduction followed a small fall in the level of sugar imports. In the previous year before, the same amount of the item cost 116.2 KSh without taxes. Jumia Kenya will give you a great discount as you can buy a kilogram of sugar for as low as Ksh145.