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Buy Toasters Online from Jumia

Toasters are used in the kitchen as they help you quickly make breakfast that is not only tasty but healthy too. These are used to warm bread slices and make them crunchy. Often you don’t have time to warm a slice of bread on a pan, so you use an electric toaster. A toasted bread can be used during the lunch as well as when having supper. You can use toasted bread in a variety of foods including sandwiches, crotons, paninis, or as a side dish.

You can buy toasters online from Jumia which offers them in a huge variety in different sizes and styles. Most of the toasters toast two slices of bread at a time. These can also be used to toast different types of bread with ease. Toasters prices in Kenya are quite affordable online at Jumia.

Types of Toasters Recommended by Jumia

  • Pop-up Toasters

Traditional in style, these toasters are automatic to use. These toasters contain around 2-4 slots in which the bread is vertically placed. In some toasters, each slot can be controlled separately. Some brands likeOhms toasters have lever attached to them instead of buttons. When the bread is well toasted, the lever will automatically come back to the original position and the bread slices will pop-up. These toasters also keep the bread warm while you are busy doing other things.

  • Conveyor Toasters

These are used when you have to toast bread on a large scale commonly found in hotels and large hospitality establishments. Each batch of bread is controlled by setting the time and temperature. The colour and texture of the bread will be determined by the speed of the toaster. They do not have enhanced functions like other toasters.

  • Toaster Ovens

As the name defines, these are a mixture of toaster and an oven. They take up less space and can perform multiple functions. Kenwood toasters are the best type of ovens that can toast bagels, bread, muffins, etc. You can place anything inside the machine through the door and on the tray that is attached within the toaster but can be pulled out when required. Ramtons toasters have different features which allow you to make different types of breads as well as other dishes.

  • Sandwich Toasters

Sandwich makers and toasters help toast sandwiches easily without the hassle of toasting the bread earlier, as well as heat the various elements within a sandwich easily. Von Hotpoint Sandwich toasters are perfect for households to make lunch sandwiches easily and conveniently.