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Toshiba - Leading Innovation

Toshiba was officially founded in 1939 and was created by the merging of two companies. This company is divided into four sections which include the electronic devices group, home appliances, digital products and social infrastructure. As a corporation, Toshiba have bought and developed musical instruments, electronics, lighting and other technology. This Japanese company has been responsible for much of the country's technology including its radar stations, digital computers and microwave ovens. By 2001, this company had closed a deal with Orion electronic, who then worked to manufacture and supply television products and video games to the North American market. This contract ended in 2008 and by 2012, this company had more than 200,000 employees.

Supplying the world market with a range of electronic products

Toshiba have been manufacturing and supplying electronic products since its founding at the beginning of the First World War. Everything within their electronics arsenal is available to buy online from a computer to a camcorder or laptop, as well as many other electronic accessories. The world’s first cinematic laptop known as the Satellite U840W series was created by this company, which features an ultra-light chassis and 21:9 screen ratio. Exceptional audio and much longer battery life combine to deliver a more futuristic cinema experience which can be embraced while on the move too. The 21:9 screen ratio accommodates for the format used in modern cinema and because this series of laptops make full use of the screen, an unrivalled viewing experience is guaranteed. A number of camcorders are available from this company including Candy Bar and Pistol Grip products. Citizens of Kenya can browse through the massive range of electronic products manufactured by this company and can buy online with a matter of clicks of the mouse.