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Smartwatches Online in Kenya

It feels amazing seeing the technological improvement man has achieved when it comes to making life simple and easy. Yes that is the overall function of the smartwatch. They are manufactured in order to make accessing your mobile devices simpler, easier and faster. They are small mobile devices designed for the wrist just like a watch but of course, they are smarter. If you are the type that has a flare of techs and gadgets, getting a smartwatch is the final step you need to control your devices with a swagger like feel. They are programmable and computerized wristwatches with enhanced functionality aside from telling time. They can perform several operations such as taking pictures, recording videos, making and receiving phone calls, play games, and a lot more.

Choosing the Perfect Smartwatch

Smart watches are more of a companion. The help you display notifications, make sure you don’t miss calls, monitor your fitness level, and a lot more. When deciding which smartwatch you should go for, it is necessary to note these few pointers

1. Smartwatch and mobile device compatibility: All smartwatches are not the same. A smartwatch that works for A might not work for B. It is important to note the type of mobile device or tablet you use before you purchase the right smartwatch for it. There are different types of watch operating system such as iOS for Apple Watch, Android wear for Android users, Tizen which is used by Samsung users, and Microsoft Band 2 uses the Windows 10 OS developed by Microsoft. There are also some smartwatches that work across various platforms while others can’t. The type of smartphone you use will help you determine which one to go for.

2. Display feature: For a durable watch, you should choose between the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens, AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens, and LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens. Each of these screens has an advantage over the other. Water Resistant: This is one feature a lot of people would love to have in all their mobile phones and tablets. This is the ability of the watch to function even in water. On few occasions, make smartphones and gadgets have been damaged by water. To enjoy your watch, even while you are jogging or doing a strenuous exercise, it should still function at maximum capacity while you are sweating. Also in accidental situations like your watch falling into a pool of water, you be confident enough to know by the time you get it out, it would still be functional.

3. Fitness tracker: Thanks to technological advancement, the smartwatch can also serve as a form of automated medical system that helps monitor your heart rate. Make sure the device comes with a sensor to help monitor your pulse and heart rate. This way you can stay healthy all the time. Aside from those two, they can also help monitor your speed, calories burnt, steps taken, and more.

4.Voice control: Similar to the one on your smartphone, with this feature you can control your incoming calls, text messages, and other notifications by speaking to the watch. You can also launch applications and tell it to carry out commands such as playing music, tracking your location using GPS, and more.

Where to Buy Smartwatches in Kenya?

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