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Cigarette accessories are smoking accessories that are used during smoking. Most smokers can’t do without the necessary cigarette accessories. If you love smoking, there are some certain accessories that are required to make sure u get the maximum feeling from smoking. If you are an e-cig smoker and you have a faulty battery, you can browse our vast collection of cig accessories for new and durable replaceable batteries. Aside batteries there are so many other accessories needed by smokers that you can find on our shopping platform.

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If you love smoking cigarettes or e-cigarette, discover affordable cigarette or e-cigarette accessories on Jumia. Explore our vast collection of top cigarette accessories at the lowest prices in Kenya. You can shop different accessories such as cigarette cases, wooden enhanced smoking pipe, mini automatic cigarette rolling machine, shisha pot, manual tobacco roller, Flameless Electric Cigarette Lighter, RAW Shredder, Generic Gas Mask Bong - Red & Green and much more available for you to choose from. Order now and enjoy our payment on delivery option.