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Shop Fans Online in Kenya

There are numerous electric appliances that are needed in a home, from small to large ones. Some of them include fans. Fans are electronic appliances which have been existent for many years now, although have experienced changes with relation to technology. They are not just needed in homes but can also be used in offices as well. As a homeowner, one thing your house needs is adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation could allow for the breeding of certain diseases that you don’t want. Fans are beneficial because they are very much similar to natural ventilation.

How to Choose Between Fans or ACs

Many people sometimes have challenges when deciding whether to pick a fan or an air conditioner as they relatively do almost the same job. Before picking one of them, you should consider where you would like to use it. Air conditioners have been known to work better for very big home spaces and offices. This is because large spaces may need numerous fans which could disturb if it’s a place where you need silence. Also, if you have babies or kids, you should focus on having fans instead of ACs as it could be adverse for them in certain cases.

Shop Electric Fans On Jumia Kenya

On Jumia Kenya, we offer you a broad selection of standing fans, table fans, electric ceiling fans at the best prices you can get anywhere online here in Kenya. Find fans of different sizes, heights and number of blades now. Asides electric fans, you can also find portable fans which would be perfect for outings or trips and well as rechargeable fans which do not need you to have access to electricity always before they can be used. Shop the best deals, order now and pay on delivery.
  • Table Fans

Table fans are lightweight hence easily portable to be placed on the table without any problems. Some table fans work on electricity while other work on batteries.

  • Ceiling Fans

The most commonly used fans in public areas such as hotels and schools are ceiling fans. Ceiling fans come in several designs and colors which buyers can get according to the décor of
their house. Since these have been around for a long time, buyers are constantly looking for new designs.

  • Wall Fans

Wall mount fans are usually bought for offices or restaurants because these are fitted on the wall using a bracket. These work on electricity and have different fan speeds. Once these are installed, they can rotate and keep a room ventilated. These also work well for bathrooms.