Creating The First And Biggest Online Retailer In Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
4th September, 2012

In recent weeks, we’ve gone through several restructuring exercises to position Kasuwa and Sabunta as the number one online retailers in Nigeria for fashion and general merchandise respectively. Growing our companies from scratch (starting in June, 2012) has been a learning experience and we are grateful to our customers and their feedback which have modelled the new structure we see today.

As a result of our push to grow the biggest online retailers in Nigeria, we have attracted the best of talents in the e-commerce space across Nigeria and many internationals from every part of the world. These great minds have shaped today what we are proud to refer to as Nigeria’s No1 online retailer and we are grateful for the input every one of them has made. Our team has grown to over a 100 staff in less than 3 months and every day, the contributions each one of us has made towards the business, lives as a legacy for us.

The company’s new name and strategy going forward is to consolidate on our strength across Africa spanning into Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco, Algeria and South Africa. We are focused on expanding into more Sub-Saharan African nations in the coming months, but all of this would not have been possible if we remained where we were 30 days ago.

We’ve gone through our learning curve and we are in for business in Nigeria! In this journey, we would continue to our promise to all our esteemed and loyal customers by doing what we know best - offering the biggest range of online general merchandise nationwide, offering the widest stock of fashion online in the country, offering constantly improved customer service, get your orders to every state in Nigeria and accept the most trust worth payment options for Nigerians. We strive to continue to bring that smile on your faces while saying thank you for choosing Jumia, thank you for patronizing us and we say welcome to a new era in online retail in Nigeria. launches ‘SuperDeals’ for Xmas

Lagos, Nigeria
November 27, 2012, Nigeria’s number one online retailer, which continues to blaze the trail in online shopping experience, is taking this innovative outlook notches higher with the launch of the ‘SuperDeals’ promotions.

Since inception, has laid emphasis on improving the value, quality and experiences of the Nigerian shopper. According to Jumia co-founders, Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde, the client-tailored promotion is the company’s way of giving back to loyal clients and building enduring relationships with new clients.

“In the spirit of the yuletide season, SuperDeals is one of the many ways we at intend to show our deep appreciation to our clients. We strive continuously to provide better deals for our clients, while not compromising quality of our products. We understand we are here for them and will always find best ways to ease their retail experiences from sale to supply”, explains Mr. Afaedor.

In its few months of existence, Jumia had developed exclusive partnerships with globally renowned international and local brands through certain brand and marketing affiliations, with the ultimate goal of being the one stop shop for unbeatable deals both online and offline. Jumia brands range from electronic, computing, mobile, fashion, games and consoles, beauty products, fragrances, books through to babies' toys and kids.

With ‘SuperDeal’, customers can shop brilliant discounts of up to 40% on a wide selection of styles and brands including electronics, computing, mobile, fashion and more, from brands like Samsung, Zara Apparel, Hewlett Packard, Kenneth Cole, just to mention a few; from the comfort of whatever location all day long. Throughout the season, customers can also take advantage of the free shipping service offered for such items. “We know our customers like to shop, but the rigours of our volatile socio-economic environment have left many shoppers without this option. As we have reiterated over time, we are here to fill this void and make shopping a delightful experience again and again. And what better way to shop than that with lightning deals? ‘SuperDeal’ is one of our many ways to say thank you to our customers”, says co-founder Tunde Kehinde.

Moving into the coming year, promises to bring more customer-centric offerings and deals ably manned by a highly skilled and hands-on team geared towards changing the concept of shopping within Nigerian shores and beyond

E-Commerce in Nigeria- The Jumia Story

Lagos, Nigeria, December 3, 2012

E-commerce (electronic commerce) being the buying and selling of products or services on the Internet, has come of age in Nigeria and has been the source of millions of jobs and revenues, a success story for which we at are glad to be proud of. At Jumia our focus has been to bring the marketplace to our loyal customers taking care of their needs irrespective of time of day or wherever they may find themselves at the click of a button.

“As Nigeria’s no.1 online retailer, plays big within the Nigerian market, with a vision to being the solution to online retail in sub-Saharan Africa. As a place for direct retail shopping online, we implement 24-hour availability, a local and global reach, with the ability to interact and provide custom information and ordering, as well as multimedia prospects”, according to co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde. “It is no doubt the internet has come to stay and it’s amazing possibilities a fulcrum for millions of jobs and revenue to be created in the near future. Take note, that this rapid growth has also stemmed into the mobile internet market, and has seen in our experience the possibility of our loyal customers shopping from their various mobile devices”, reiterates co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde. The rapid growth in Nigeria’s technological base has opened the nations market to home-grown online retail markets, with an estimated 25 percent growth in online shopping with revenues valued at N62.4 million in 2011, a N12.5 billion increase from 2010, according to a report by Euromonitor international, a global market research organisation.

These successes haven’t been amiss of its challenges. One major concern is that of infrastructure, referring primarily to power, available technological expertise and poor funding for start-ups. “Being an online retail company, it is of utmost importance to keep our power structure up and running all day, seven days a week; so one can wonder its financial implications on the business and how we manage to stay competitive with our pricing”, explains Tunde. “Also as a company driven by targets and customer satisfaction we have built a mesh network of top local and international brands with a mission to bringing best quality products to our customers at the best price deals anywhere in the country, this in turn has helped us see a steady increase in our customer base, giving us the capacity to manage this challenges” Raphael explains further.

“With supply and logistics playing a key role in our business, we have had to deal with the issues of bad road network, and the increased cost of transportation, With no excuses for disappointing our customers we increased our fleet to serve our increasing customer base and even extended bases to Abuja and PH, serving those regions as we implement plans to expand into other markets” the co-founders explained.

Persistently doing our best to overcome these challenges, the Jumia brand has in a few months of operation; established itself as the No.1 online retail store in Nigeria, positioned as the 8th most visited local content site, according to, an online marketing research organization, consolidated our business with various foreign partners, grown from 15- 150 employees in 6 months, with plans for an additional 100 jobs in 2013.

Manpower development, I.T. has aided Jumia’s accent

Lagos, Nigeria
November 27, 2012

Nigeria’s number one online retail giant,, has credited the exponential growth of technology as one of the footholds on which it’s expanding and inventive shopping services rests.

Known as the country’s biggest online retailer with the widest stock of products that cut across fashion, mobile phones, computing, electronic, games, beauty, books and much more, Jumia also places high premium on qualitative manpower which is why employees’ development is given top priority within the organisation’s operational structure.

While agreeing that Jumia’s journey so far has not been one without its learning curve, co-founders of Jumia Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde, reveal that; “irrespective of the highs and lows and challenges of doing business within this environment, the single most important reason for success has been our people, who have driven targets beyond expectations through their various expertise and to who we are most grateful”.

Researchers explain that the rise of technology is as a result of numerous innovative minds within Computer Science and Information Technology (I.T.) who have created and developed many great skills and ideas around certain human needs (technologically or otherwise) leading to people embracing such technologies.

Ultimately from a standpoint, there have been quite a numbers of entrepreneurs and technopreneurs who engage in different ventures not only to cash in or to expand their business, but also in one way or the other to give some comfort to our way of living.

“Being an organisation driven by results and one that understands the value of its manpower in driving organisational objectives, we have put in place processes to continually empower and protect our employees, which in the long term will be more beneficial to us as an organisation, our employees and the nation’s economy at large. We want our employees to understand the competitive market we operate in as a way of empowering they themselves as individuals for any other work conditions”, says Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor, Jumia co-founders.

Also in line with the organisation’s commitment to manpower development, skills acquisition and raising standard of living for its employees and partners, Jumia has implemented an affiliate programme which is run for website owners and bloggers who are non-employees of the company. This programme integrates a banner or text link from Jumia on such websites and in return, commissions paid to such individuals per sale through the banner. celebrates traditional costume day

Lagos, Nigeria
December 7, 2012 celebrated a company-wide employee traditional costume day on December 7, 2012. The ?traditional costume-themed?day? kicked?off?with staff integrating as they shared opinions about the colorful blend of traditional attires that filled the office environment. Highlight of the morning was the random photo sessions amongst staff. The traditional day saw the guys in various attires ranging from agbada, baba riga to the regular kaftan. But what kind of show would it be without mention of the traditional costumes adorned by the ladies; there were the iro and buba’s, the oleku’s, one notable bridal attire from the Bini kingdom (fully clothed in wrappers and coral beads), and an array of gele’s tied in all directions; as expected wouldn’t have been a costume day without such a resplendent showing from the ladies.

“Reinforcing its commitment to maintaining a workplace community where contribution, cooperation, and fun are key to its core, the traditional costume day gives employees an enjoyable way to express their energy and imagination at work. This will surely be an initiative we will be willing be exploring across various themes moving forward. As can be seen the traditional costume day fosters an enthusiastic, energetic atmosphere and helps strengthen employee pride in self and country”, explains co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde.

According to the Human Resource personnel, Ebi Osobase, “The traditional costume theme day is to promote our tradition in Jumia being a multinational and diverse company with people from different parts of the world. We celebrate such days to help stimulate creativity and free thinking among staff while building a sense of camaraderie. From the excitement within the workplace, this is a trend we will look to a little often as a way of fostering integration amongst staff”.

Highlight of the day was the award of gifts to the best dressed male and female staff, which indeed was a tough call as staff left no holds barred in dressing to the occasion.

About is the No.1 online retail store in Nigeria, positioned as the 8th most visited local content site, according to, an online marketing research organization.
Links launches “Scream Jumia” competition

Lagos, Nigeria
December 10, 2012

We at, Nigeria’s number 1 online retail store is at it again. And this time in the spirit of the season, we are launching our ‘scream jumia’ competition. It’s our way of engaging our loyal customers and promoting creativity amongst Nigerian youth. “Through the ‘scream jumia’ competition it is our commitment at Jumia to make it an exciting Christmas for our loyal customers, as there will be a star winner with a whopping 753.35€ and many other winners getting shopping vouchers of significant amounts. I mean what better way to go into the festive season and say thank you to our loyal customers for an amazing year”, explains co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde.

To enter the competition they should simply record a video of themselves or a group screaming ‘Jumia’ in the most creative, humorous and idealistic ways, who knows you could be the next face in our ads. These videos should be posted on YouTube and titled #screamjumia-followed by contestants name/ group name. Upon this, such contestants are to go to Jumia’s facebook page at or, click on the ‘scream jumia’ tab, copy the link of their YouTube Video and submit their entry. The winner will be selected via votes on Facebook. ‘It’s as simple as that, just imagine what you could do with 753.35€ this Christmas and all you need to do is #ScreamJumia’, echoes Wale Adetula, Marketing manager at Jumia.

From the Jumia family, here’s wishing somebody, somewhere a White Christmas in advance.

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