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LG Store Online in Kenya

The LG corporation commenced business in 1947, in Southern Korea, and was founded by Koo In-Hwoi. It has a number of subsidiary companies including LG Electronics, which commenced operations in 1958. The company uses cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques to bring new and exciting products to the market. The company prides itself on leading the way with its high tech gadgets, such as digital televisions and mobile devices. The company has achieved many 'world's firsts', including a 60inch plasma screen television in 1998, and the 3G UMTS DMB mobile phone in 2005. The company has established itself as a familiar household name throughout the world, and its products are readily available to buy online. Today you can buy LG in Kenya. No need to look for a specific LG shop in Nairobi. Buy it online on Jumia Kenya at a cheap price.

LG Products online on Jumia

'Energy, Humanity, Technology, Global, and Tomorrow' are central to the LG company's philosophy to create a better and happier life. The simple, and yet elegant, red logo with the white letters 'L' and the 'G' are stylishly designed to form a face that is easily recognized. It is symbolic of the company's friendly image and its commitment to providing quality products. Since 2008 the company implemented the use of the slogans 'Stylish design and smart technology, in products that fit their customer's lives' and 'Life's Good'.

LG electronics and household Products

Products that are available from LG include home appliances such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners. They are the fifth largest manufacturer of mobile communications devices in the world, which includes their range of high-quality smartphones such as the Nexus 4, and LG mobile phones. They are also able to meet the needs of customers that are looking for a computer, a tablet, or a laptop. For home entertainment, such as a plasma television, a home theatre system, or an MP3 player, there is a wide choice available to suit different requirements and budgets. All these products are available to buy online in Kenya. Many shops offer a wide choice of LG products available at best prices in Kenya, for many of those shops M-Pesa payment is one of the many payment options available. Throughout the years the South Korean company has established itself as one of the major electronic products providers in the world from smartphones to led TV’s. LG’s innovative ideas will always attract more people to purchase products from the Korean brand.