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Shop Online LG TVs on Jumia Kenya

Find the right LG TV on Jumia Kenya depending on your desired TV specs. LG HD TV is a great choice for gaming while for living room go for LG Smart TV. Check out the different screen sizes, flat-screen LG TVs, or curved.

Discover LG Smart OLED TVs

OLED TVs by LG are energy efficient as they require less energy to run the thin panels without backlight. Smart LG OLED TVs come in 55-inch to 65-inch screens making the TVs ideal for watching sports and earth documentaries in vivid colors, stunning contrast as well as infinite detail. Other known LG smart tvs include HD, UHD, 4K. The most common features in LG Smart TVs include:
  • Built-In Internet Connectivity is the most basic feature that distinguishes Smart TVs from digital.
  • App Store to download or update existing apps in order to keep up with new technology.
  • Casting Smartphone Content to the Smart TV is valuable especially when you have guests that want to showcase photos and videos.
  • Fast Interface that allows the user to switch content or apps without the Smart TV being sluggish. LG smart tvs are popular for great user exprerience
  • Ultra HD Streaming Video from one of the online streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon etc.  Buy now LG UHD Smart TV for Video streaming
  • Media Player so that you can view content from your flash drives. LG Smart TVs have different portals like USB and HDMI for media players.
  • Universal Search has the capability to search across all services and apps on your Smart TV
  • Game Apps that range from the simple Solitaire to the more sophisticated digital games
  • Voice or Touch Control in case your remote batteries run out.
  • Recommendation Engine gives suggestions when you’re clueless on what to watch

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