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USB which stands for Universal Serial Bus is the world’s most popular and used connectivity port. Majority of devices and appliances come with the USB ports. Even out smartphones chargers all make use of USB cables for charging and also for connecting to other devices like desktops, laptops, speakers and the likes. The invention of USB has revolutionized the world. Thousands of new generation appliances see it as a taboo not to have USB ports. USB cables are basically used to connect to USB ports. Aside from charging appliances, USB cables are used to transfer data at hi-speed from one device to the other.

How to Choose the Right USB Data Cables

There are different types of USB cables available for various kinds of devices and appliances.The data cables on Jumia are:

Where to Buy USB Cables in Kenya

You no longer have to try the old fashion way of transferring data. Why not go for high-speed USB cables available on Jumia at the lowest prices in Kenya. Whether your port is the mini USB ports or micro USB ports, USB 2.0 ports, and USB 3.0 ports, we have the perfect cable just for you. You can also get high-quality cables to charge your smartphones, tablets and other devices. Order yours now and pay cash on delivery.