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If you are thinking about buying nail polish online, we are glad to let you know that you’re in the best place. Jumia Kenya is your one-stop online mall for getting all the best fashion and beauty products for you. For a lot of ladies, staying and looking beautiful means considering every part of the body, and not just the face. And this is true; if you want to look pretty all round and from head to toe, you need to pay attention to every part of your body. Your nails are one of the most conspicuous parts of the body. Many people would notice your nails when they get to talk to you for the first time or for the hundredth time. Good-looking nails can earn you admiration from other people and could also make you more attractive. Therefore, it is important for you to always keep your nails beautiful, clean and attractive. Nail polish comes in different colors which give your nails the stunning look that you would love for them to have.

Choosing the Right Kind of Nail Polish

If you are shopping for a variety of nail polish, here are a few valuable tips that would help you make a better-informed decision:

1. Consider your skin tone: We all have different skins and that a particular nail polish color looks good on your friend does not mean it would look just the same on yours, especially if you have different skin complexions. To get the best look for your nails, you should pay attention to your skin color. For instance, warm colors might look nice if you are light-skinned while cooler hues might work if you are dark-skinned.

2. Consider the occasion: You might want to wear a nail color for your usual day-to-day activities. On another occasion, you might have a special event where you need a long lasting polish such as gel polish. As a rule of thumb, you might want to look at cooler shades when you’re wearing a nail polish to official environments or events so that you do not look odd or out of place. For glamorous events, your nail polish color could match your outfit or other accessories you’re putting on like your bag, jewelry, clutch purse and so on.