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Nokia: from paper to electronics

Founded in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam, Nokia has a long and diverse history of delivering quality products to the public. The company was born more than 150 years ago, when the founder established a pulp mill in the town of Tampere, Finland, and started manufacturing paper. By 1868, a second mill was established and by 1871, in partnership with Leo Mechelin, the company had grown into a share company. Overtime, the organization has evolved and expanded, developing expertise in the electricity business and then later expanding into the world of electronics. In addition to developing text based communication devices for the Finnish Defence Forces during the 1970s and 80s, the organization also developed the Mobira Talkman, one of the world's first transportable phones.

Technology for the new millennia

The company's notable achievements do not end there, however. In fact, this organization also played a key role in the development of the Global System for Mobile Communications, which is the ability to carry data in addition to voice traffic. As such, the first GSM phone, the Nokia 1011 was launched 1992, the same year as the company's iconic slogan "Connecting People" was coined. This organization has a strong ethical code, and as such, sound environmental policies are implemented throughout their business model. The company's commitment to sustainability, green technology and ethical practice are reflected in their manufacturing operations, which is why their factory in Chennai, India, won the 'Golden Peacock Environment Management Award' in 2010.

The cell phones of tomorrow at affordable prices

Today, Nokia provide a plethora of services and products throughout the globe; from mobile phones and tablets to software solutions. On our online shop, Nokia's affordable yet sophisticated cell phones are available to all at the best prices in Kenya; from the stylish and sleek Lumia smartphone using the latest Windows Phone operating system, to the high quality, low price Asha series. The Asha series include a feature called the Nokia chat, a single instant messaging app that lets you access Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Windows Live and Yahoo! Messenger, with many other features. Throughout the years the Finnish company has proved its ability to provide quality phones that meets the demand of the modern market and also managed to keep its reputation as one of the leading mobile phones brand.