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One of the topmost mobile phone brands that have effectively won the hearts of individuals, companies and families all around the world is Samsung. Founded in 1938, the brand has consistently provided value for people in different forms ranging from electronics in the home to mobile devices. With the advent of mobile phones, it is not left behind as it has been committed to the manufacture of series of basic and mobile phones that are nothing short of quality. There are a whole lot of Samsung phones and they all have different qualities in common which contribute to standing them out. One, they are made with an immense standard. If you are using a Samsung phone, one of the things that you will know about the brand is that they are reliable and long-lasting. If you need a phone that you can be sure will last long without giving you any issues, then Samsung is your best bet. Another thing about them is that they come in different price ranges; while some come on the high side in terms of price, there are also others which are quite affordable, not compromising on value. Samsung Android phones are imbued with captivating features which ensure to make you extremely enjoy using your phone.  

Order Samsung Smartphones Online On Jumia Kenya

With a consistent advancement in technology, Samsung regularly keeps producing phones that are in tune with the times of technology. This is to ensure that users are not left behind in the rapid wave of technological growth. Samsung latest phones are therefore a range or series of a number of phones, mostly high-end phones. Some of the latest Samsung Android phones include the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 . These high-end Samsung phones have a very high-resolution quality in terms of the interface and well as a camera. They also have intense security options and other amazing attributes, not also forgetting that they are very much durable. Looking for where to buy the latest Samsung smartphones and phablets online, we have you covered with the very best prices on Jumia Kenya. Order now and you could also pay on delivery.

Samsung smartphones in Kenya

Samsung has a huge range of smartphones – it’s safe to say that it is the company with the highest number of phone models in Kenya. Samsung phones cover all market segments – from budget to mid-range and high-end. You can buy original Samsung Galaxy smartphones in Kenya from Jumia and we will deliver within a short time.

Latest Samsung smartphones in Kenya

Phone trends and technology are changing with each passing year. That’s why is important to upgrade your device from time to time to keep up with the fast-changing world. We have all the latest Samsung smartphones. We are constantly updating our catalogue with new devices to ensure that you get exactly what you need to be on top of your game.

Latest Samsung smartphones Accessories in Kenya

We don’t just sell phones – Here at Jumia, we have all their accessories as well. You will find all the Samsung accessories you need to enjoy your device on Jumia. We have everything, from screen protectors and cases, to earphones, earbuds and wireless chargers. Contact us today if you need any accessory for your Samsung phone.