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Discover a wide range of safety kit products that will keep your household protected against virus and unseen germs. If you are in the market to find the best product that will keep you and your loved one safe and secure against some killer and notably the dread coronavirus that is rampaging the world. If you are here, you are the right place where you can get everything you are looking for. Remember, we've got you covered with a collection of safety items that will keep you protected against tough germs around your home or office. Below are some amazing collections we have carefully put together for you, and we surely believe they will interest you if you plan to keep your home clean and keep your family protected against the virus.

Buy Disinfectants & Air Purifiers Online in Kenya.

Disinfect your home against germs and infectious diseases with our range of Dettol, Safisha, Harpic, JIK and Sea Gull Citrus antiseptic liquid disinfectants and more on your favourite online shopping mall. In purifying the air in your home, one certain place to get highly authentic air purifiers at low prices and that place is right on Jumia Kenya. Having an air purifier in your home will ensure you enjoy clean and particle-free air apart from that is also added to the beauty of your home when the one you got is attractive. Get the atmosphere in your surrounding cleanse against some harmful impurities in the air. A purifier doesn't just make the air you breathe clean, it also helps you get rid of smoke, dust, odour and a terrible smell.

Shop Hand Washes & Sanitizers Online.

We have created a dedicated place for you to shop different hand washes and sanitizers online. Get your instant hand washers and sanitizers right now at the most affordable prices. Keep your hand and body clean with Dettol Anti-bacteria bar soaps. Do you have dry skin or palm and you need a nourishing hand and body care soaps? Browse through our range of nourishing skin care soaps that are specially formulated for both dry skin and hand. Whatever the soaps you are looking, you will surely find them right here. We also have various liquid body washes rich in leather with soothing Aloe Vera and Shea butter extract and contain vitamin E for soft looking and beautiful skin. Looking for regular everyday soap? We've got one for you right now.

Buy Gloves, Masks and Thermometers at Discounted Prices.

Protect your hands against contaminated surfaces by wearing a hand glove. Hand gloves keep your palm safe from getting stain or wound. You can also get your bulk face masks and get your face and nose covered. Need tissues? Browse our grocery category for different tissues and wipes. We've got different baby wipes that allow you to cleanse your newborn's skin and make your cleaning task easier and effortless. Whether you are a health practitioner, a school administrator, or health cautious person and you are looking for a simple but efficient way of monitoring your temperature level, you can easily pick one of our thermometers to get that job done.

Where to Buy Safety Kits Online?

Discover lots of safety products online at the most reasonable prices. Enjoy amazing deals on some selected safety and health kits when you get one today.

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