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Latest Ipad Model Technology

The iPad is one of Apple’s most popular products after the iPhone. The latest iPad in the market 2016 is the " iPad Air 3". The gadget is available in varying storage capacities i.e. from 16GB to 128GB. In addition, all the versions are available in white or black colors, thus offering a choice to clients. As a tablet, it is suitable for light duties such as presentations, fieldwork and research. This does not mean you cannot use your tablet to stream online videos, communicate via the social networks or send short messages from your device. In fact, it is available in cellular and Wi-Fi configurations, not to mention that you can always install games from the iTunes.

General features

There are several things that uniquely identify the product from other mobile PCs. For instance, it uses the iOS7 (one of the leading mobile operating systems today). In addition, the iPad's hardware is designed to effectively run the software thus giving it the recognition it enjoys currently. Interestingly, it is the choice of news anchors in Kenya and public speakers around the world. Reliable statistics also put the sales of these tablets above the rest in the market. A brief look into the specs of iPad mini, that now has a retina display, also proves that the brand is among the best.

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Ipad are powerful and easy to use devices. We do understand how important ipad are in our lives? Either reading newspapers, watching movies, playing games and reading emails. Perfect for web browsing, making video calls, reading novels, storing photos and so much more. Four points main points to consider are color, storage, size and connectivity options. Shop at Jumia Kenya for the latest Ipad such as ipad mini, ipad air, ipad air 2, and ipad pro.