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Tablets in Kenya: How to Choose the Best Tablet for You

Getting the right tablet for you can be a daunting task. Whether you need to buy one for work, as a travel buddy, a backup computer, a fun gadget, for the kids or as a media player, certain factors have to be considered. To get a perfect ten and value for every penny then consider the following before making your choice. If you are looking for a tablet for sale in Kenya you should definitely have a look at the following tab specs and features:
  • Storage and Screen Size
The tablets market has many storage options that fit any client's needs. If you need more storage then the Microsoft Surface Pro will be ideal; if you require less storage but more of the cloud storage, then the Kindle fire can do. You can choose from the 8GB to the 128GB. Choose the right screen which best suits your needs. A 10-inch Android tablet has a large screen that is ideal for reading newspapers or magazines as the texts are legible. Other smaller slates are the Apple's iPad Pro with a 9.7inch or the 7.9inch iPad Mini.
  • Operating System
This is crucial as it represents how you will interact with the tablet. Choose from the Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows or Google Android. Depending on whether you require a simple interface or a more personalized and free user interface respectively or a tablet that is ideal for enterprise use.
  • Connectivity
Access to the internet is important especially when you need to browse websites, send email, stream TV shows, or even purchase books. A tablet which supports 4GLTE or 3G cellular networks will allow you access to internet even when you are not connected to WiFi. A standard feature is the Wi-Fi connection. Samsung Galaxy Tab series are the most common if you are looking for connectivity.
  • Tablet Prices in Kenya
How large or small is your budget? Determine how much you want to spend and get the right tablet with the features you need for the right amount. However, the more the features and the higher the quality, the higher the price tags. A small advice if you are looking for cheap tablets ;In Kenya, before you decide on a Google tablet or Android tablet, you may also need to look into the battery life, the apps, the security concerns, the brand especially Samsung, and how easy the gadget can be integrated with other products. Today in 2014, you not only need a gadget to ease your work but also one that is classy, portable and fashionable as well as high tech.

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