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Tips For Shopping For a New Television

At Jumia Kenya, we understand how important it is to shop for a new television. We have a large collection of HDTV, LED tv, a 4K Ultra HD TV, a curved-screen TV, or a 3D TV. We have amazing prices for you so look no further.

Everything You Need to Know about the Latest Television Technology

4K Ultra HD OR HD Televisions Also known as 4K or Ultra TV is the newest technology in the market today. What is it about? It’s 4 times better than full HD and produce super high quality images and are sharper. 1080p Full HD (Full High Definition) You can watch full HD content, videos produced in FHD and blu- ray movies. 720p HD A High Definition Television with a picture quality that’s twice as sharp as a standard definition. Provides high quality HD pictures.

What Flat Screen Television Screen Size Should I Consider?

One important feature when shopping for your next television screen, is the screen size. The perception has always been bigger is better but it’s important to balance the television to the size of the room. The basic guidelines are 32’’ screens are good for small rooms such as living room for apartments, bedrooms or kitchen then the 33’’- 49’’ is good for medium sized-large rooms. 64’’ screens are good for those large tv rooms that can double with home theatre systems for that movie theater feel.