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Shop Online SONY TVs on Jumia Kenya

Discover the world of Sony TV and browse through HD TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, and smart TVs. High Definition Sony Televisions such as 4K Ultra HDTVs include slender designs with sophisticated features and functionality. LED screens provide enhanced color and contrast, plus a wider display. Find the right SONY TV on Jumia Kenya depending on your desired TV specs.

Discover SONY Smart TVs

OLED TVs by SONY vary in size from 50” to 85”, so you can find the ideal screen to fit your room. Search for Sony Smart TV specs that provide the best internet content, beautiful image technology, and 3D technology so you can enjoy the most recent 3D movies while staying at home. Smart screen TVs vary in size from 32”. Smart SONY OLED TVs come in 55-inch to 65-inch screens making the TVs ideal for watching sports and earth documentaries in vivid colors, stunning contrast as well as infinite detail. Other known SONY smart tvs include LED, LCD, HD, UHD, 4K. The most common features in SONY Smart TVs include:
  • Built-In Internet Connectivity for Wi-Fi and ethernet input is the most basic feature that distinguishes Smart TVs from digital.
  • App Store to download or update existing apps in order to keep up with new technology.
  • Smartphone Screen mirroring, Video & TV SideView (iOS/Android) to cast content from your smartphone to the Sony Smart TV is valuable especially when you have guests that want to showcase photos and videos.
  • Fast Interface that allows the user to switch content or apps without the Smart TV being sluggish. SONY smart tvs are popular for great user experience
  • Ultra HD Streaming Video from one of the online streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon etc. Buy now SONY UHD Smart TV for Video streaming
  • Media Player so that you can view content from your flash drives. SONY Smart TVs have different portals like USB and HDMI for media players.
  • Universal Search has the capability to search across all services and apps on your Smart TV
  • Game Apps that range from the simple Solitaire to the more sophisticated digital games
  • Voice or Touch Control in case your Sony remote runs out of batteries.
  • Recommendation Engine gives suggestions when you’re clueless on what to watch

Awesome Features on Sony Televisions

Imagine watching your favourite content come to life in your living room. This Sony TV comes loaded with premium features that offer an outstanding viewing experience. If you love watching YouTube videos, you can access these in the blink of an eye as there's a YouTube button on the remote. The ClearAudio+ feature offers an immersive and authentic sound experience that makes every movie and TV show more interesting to watch.

More Clarity, more Detail with Full HD

You can watch all of your favourite content in Full HD with minimal noise and maximum impact, thanks to the image resolution which is 1920*1080 pixels. Rediscover Every Detail with X-Reality PRO: The X-Reality picture processing ensures exceptional full HD clarity by upscaling every pixel. As and when frames are analysed, each scene is matched with an existing image database to help refine the images further also reduce noise.

Discover Thrilling HDR Entertainment

The Sony TVs are equipped to handle a variety of HDR formats that include HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. Whatever you watch, will be exciting as all of the content will be in detailed HDR. Enjoy an immersive and fun-filled HDR gaming experience with this Sony TV as it's perfect for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles.

Access YouTube Instantly With One Click

If you're an ardent YouTube browser, you'd love the fact that there is a YouTube button on the remote of this Sony TV. You can access YouTube at a rapid speed and watch your favourite videos.

Made to Listen ClearAudio+

The ClearAudio+ feature fine tunes TV sound and provides an immersive and lifelike audio quality which enhances your viewing experience. Regardless of what you're watching, you can enjoy amazing clarity and sound effects for the content.

A Smarter Way to Enjoy Your Smartphone

The Smart Plug and Play feature lets you share photos, videos, and music from multiple devices. You can access everything that you love to watch on your phone, on a larger screen with intricate detail.

From smartphone to TV: Enhanced Web Surfing with USB Tethering You can make use of your smartphone's mobile network with the help of USB tethering and browse content on your TV.

Clear Phase for Smooth, Balanced Frequencies

To compensate and analyse for inaccurate speaker responses, BRAVIA makes use of a powerful computer model. This is done by"sampling" the speaker frequency with higher precision and then feeding this information back to cancel out any peaks or dips in the speakers' natural response. You can enjoy the resulting pure and natural audio with an even reproduction of all the frequencies.