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Hi, I'm Doctor Schiepan,

I've been designing Slimming programs for 20 years, leading to the development of Theralica : a complete range of products which will help you succeed and achieve your objective.

Here are some key points that I suggest you follow whatever the chosen program, and that will help you develop an effective strategy to guarantee success plan.

1 - Drink a lot of water

Indeed drink on the one hand is a natural appetite suppressant and on the other hand helps hydrate the food bowl that is necessary to avoid constipation, natural consequence of food restriction associated with dieting.

Recommend : 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Theralica + : Use draining preparation to prevent water retention and fight against the likely slowdown in transit.

Find Theralica™ Drainer here !

2 - Decrease food intake, hence caloric intake

Indeed, although weight loss is not the automatic consequence of food restriction, lower calorie intake is still usually the central pillar of any diet.

3 - 'Burn' more calories every day !

4 - Eat Fiber-rich food

All vegetables and fruits contain some fibers required for normal bowel because they contribute to the volume of the bolus and it's intestinal transit.

Caution : Do not forget that fruits contain more sugar than vegetables. In case of sensitive intestines, focus on fruits and cooked vegetables that will be much less harmful to the intestinal mucosa.

Theralica + : It’s possible to avoid intestinal irritation through lactic acid bateria (probiotics) that will help in the digestion of fiber.
All Theralica products contain an associated 3 billion of lactic acid bacteria.

5 - Respect a normal daily protein intake

The recommended protein intake is about 1.2g per day and per kilograms calculated from your ideal weight (discover your ideal weight here). For a woman with ideal weight of 60 kg this represents approximately 70g/day.

6 - Avoid empty calories

In fact, the so-called energy foods, ie rich in sugars or fats, are generally low in trace elements and vitamins essential for the proper functioning of our body.
These are obviously foods to reduce or remove first when preparing your diet protocol.

7 - Eat slowly

Eat slowly and question your eating habits!
The notion of eating slowly has two distinct actions: Chewing food longly (at least 15 seconds) and take time between two food intakes (at least 15 to 30 seconds).
This allows different sensors to regulate our feelings of hunger and satiety and analyze the contributions in quantity and quality, thus triggering a much earlier feeling of satiety allowing a better control of our food intake.

8 - Avoid restrictions of sleep, stress and deficiency of trace elements